Prepaid Cell Phones

The Pros and Cons of Prepaid Cell Phones

Are you thinking of getting a cellular phone but do not want to be tied to a contract with a service provider? Do you have a limited use of cellular phones? If so, prepaid cell phones may be a good option for you.

Prepaid cell phones are mobile phones wherein the user pays for the service of the phone before using it. Because users acquire credit prior to use of such services such as telephone calls and the like, he or she does not enter into a contract or require a billing system with the mobile network provider company.

It is generally not a problem for users to purchase credit for their prepaid cell phones. Many stores provide credit in the form of cards for various phone network providers. Some providers can also provide the feature of using the credit card to purchase for credit through a toll free number or to pay through the ATM (automated teller machines).

Many people who choose to use prepaid cell phones do so because of the many advantages it can give to the user.

Advantages and Benefits of Using Prepaid Cell Phones

The use of prepaid cell phones has many advantages. Because you are limited by the credit you put into your prepaid phone account, most people find it easier to control the amount they spend on calls or related services. They will not suddenly be faced with a huge amount to pay at the end of a billing period. This benefit makes prepaid cell phones an ideal choice if you are thinking of giving a phone to your child, especially teenagers. You can just give them a certain amount of credit per month and it is thus up to them to budget it wisely or pay for additional time on their own. And even if their credit runs out, you can still reach them in emergencies.

Prepaid cell phones are also easier to acquire than the post paid plan types. Neither do they do require a good credit history nor a deposit. Young adults on part time jobs or those with a poor credit history can thus obtain these phones without difficulty.

Because no contract exists between the user and the mobile provider company, the user also has the freedom to terminate the plan when they wish or switch to a different mobile provider company if they desire. You are not locked into a certain number of months or years of service with the mobile network operator, nor do you have to pay for termination fees.

Prepaid cell phones are also good for those who do not make a lot of calls. This is because you may choose to obtain or pay credit for the amount you think you'll consume at a certain period of time. If you do not use them up immediately, these call minutes or credit amounts can still be carried over to the next month.

Disadvantages of Prepaid Cell Phones

Despite the many benefits of prepaid cell phones, they also have their downside. Prices per minute of call on prepaid cell phones may be higher than those of the post paid plans. The phones of this service type may also come with fewer features.

Some mobile phone providers can also put a limit on the time period wherein you may use the credit acquired. You would thus need to consume the credit that has already been paid for within a certain time frame, if not they will just expire and can no longer be used.

One significant drawback is the possibility that you may also run out of credit at very important times or emergencies. If this happens, you may spend time looking for the possible sources in which to obtain the needed credit for the phone.