Prepaid Cell Phones

Why Choose Prepaid Cell Phones

There are two basic plans available for those who wish to have cellular telephone service. The first plan is the most common plan and that is a contract where you pay a set price per month for a particular number of minutes and a particular set of features. These plans vary from carrier to carrier and each cellular telephone service provider generally has a wide variety to tailor a plan that is best suited for your individual budget as well as cellular phone usage habits. The other option that is gaining in popularity though is the use of prepaid cell phones. The prepaid cell phones allow a lot more flexibility and do not require any commitment.

Prepaid cell phones are plans where you purchase a certain number of minutes that can be used at any time. The minutes are priced at a particular rate, generally slightly higher than those offered with monthly plans. You can use the minutes on prepaid cell phones whenever you wish. If you run out, you can simply recharge the prepaid cell phones with additional minutes. Your prepaid cell phones will often roll over any unused minutes to the next month so you can vary your cell usage whenever necessary. With prepaid cell phones you will get the feeling you are paying only for what you use and are not wasting the amount you have unused.

The prepaid cell phones are ideal choices for those who either do not wish to have their credit checked or who have poor credit that will result in higher fees and exorbitant deposits for service. Because monthly plans with a contract are paid after the minutes are used in a month, the service provider wants to be sure there is no risk of the bill not getting paid. Therefore a credit check is run to gauge the risk. If you are not approved for cell service, you will either have to go elsewhere or pay a hefty deposit to go with that carrier. However with prepaid cell phones there is no need for a credit check. This is often desirable for some.

Students from college down to elementary school are carrying cell phones more and more often. They use it to get in touch with friends or family and to remain safe. However, kids tend to be a little heavy with their cell phone usage and having prepaid cell phones is a great way to curtail that. Almost as if they have an allowance, the parents can set a monthly amount that will be spent for minutes and if the child goes over, either they can pay for more themselves or do without a phone until the following month. This is a great way to teach children some responsibility. Students find prepaid cell phones also useful when they want to pay for their own phone and have no credit yet established.

Although cell phones re the norm nowadays and most people can not live without them, there are still those who rarely, if ever, use their cell phones. They instead carry it with them strictly for emergency use. For someone who rarely uses their cell phone, monthly plans can be a bit too much for their use. So, they may get prepaid cell phones to save money each month. The prepaid cell phones will allow the phone to work for emergencies but will not be wasted when those minutes remain unused for a period of time.

Purchasing prepaid cell phones makes sense for a number of reasons. Using prepaid cell phones allows you the option to not get committed to a long term contract with a particular cellular provider. The prepaid cell phones also do not require a deposit or credit check to use them. Finally, you can often save money with prepaid cell phones if your talking habits are very low.